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When it comes to video, we have been encouraging business owners to use this resource more and more....
Getting attention is now easier than ever before but are you making the most of these opportunities to promote your business in Eastbourne?
When it comes to the £10 an hour task take on an employee or outsource the task!...
This weeks tip is all about filling the skills gap not replicating your abilities....
When it comes to a solid relationship with your customers asking their opinion should not be something you fear.
When the rain falls down and your brand goes up you know your promotional gift is working hard promoting your brand!
When you spend hours and hours thinking about your logo we ask the question does it really matter in the grand scheme of things?
Don't allow others to "pull you down" find a tribe that builds you up and helps you get out of hot water if you need a helping hand.
When on holiday the plan is normally to relax but as an entrepreneur learning opportunities are everywhere so don't ignore them!
When it comes to your business golf is not a bad analogy, you are either playing to win or playing for fun!...
Have you got customers that know what you have to offer and could well be in need of your service but you haven't given them a good reason to use your business?
Most business owners have a large collection of business cards but beyond the details on the card what more do these have to say about you as a business?
Growing your business by 30% can prove a challenge, how about looking at 3 areas that a 10% increase is more likely!
Are you selling your goods or services below the market rate to win new business?...
Sometimes things are so simple we don't give them the credit they deserve....
Mum's know best and from a young age, they told us to be wary of the company we keep so why did we stop paying attention when we become business owners?
Do you invest in your businesses future on a daily basis?...
Making the choice to start a business is only the first step....
When we try to get hold of a business we hate having to "wait" so why when it is our business we don't pull out all the stops to reply to a business enquiry?
Almost all business owners will have been guilty of this at least once....
When it comes to video so many businesses could be making great use of this tool but a combination of fear and dare I say it laziness comes into play.
A simple strategy for you to consider to help your business grow....
When it comes to getting your business recognised a business award can certainly help with your positioning.
Using special offers is not all about giving a discount it is about motivating a purchase today rather than at an unknown time in the future.
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