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Do you own a petrol or diesel vehicle? Do you want to contribute to reducing carbon emissions and still keep your current car or van? Well thanks to new technology provided by Engine Detox in Eastbourne – you can!
Reduce your carbon footprint
Engine Detox provides a wealth of different treatments to help ensure your vehicle is as efficient as possible which in turn can make a big difference to carbon emissions.
These treatments enable vehicle owners to reduce their carbon footprint and enhance vehicle performance. Read the Press Release about Engine Detox.
Introducing the Engine Detox Treatment
The optimum treatment for your car is the comprehensive Engine Detox Treatment.  This treatment removes the build up of sludge and other debris which have built up inside the engine’s oil ways and that can lead to problems with engine wear and performance.
The presence of sludge in your cars engine also has an impact on your carbon emissions.
The Engine Detox can radically improve your fuel efficiency, power and torque and can have a significant impact on lowering emissions on average by 69%!
Customers report a noticeable difference having undergone the Engine Detox to their car’s performance.
Other treatments and services 
In addition, Engine Detox offers other services that can have a positive impact o how your car performs and its environmental impact. These include:
• Fuel Injection Treatment
• Turbo Treatment
• Air intake Treatment
• DPF Treatment
• Air Conditioning Treatment
• Suspension Geometry
• Tyres and even undertake MOTs
For full details on all available treatments and the potential benefits – please visit their website, email or call 01323 353275 for specialist advice.
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