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It is time to get the most out of your training and development in Eastbourne. We all have a Creative Force! Whether it be for your business or your community, let us help you release it……

Creative Force, based in Eastbourne, believes passionately that everyone has a creative streak that’s just waiting to be unleashed! With over 30 years of working creatively in communities throughout the UK, our team knows that shared quality arts experiences strengthen local communities and businesses and help develop extraordinary people and ideas. We want people to bask in the joy of their own creativity, to think differently, to paint, to draw, to design, to learn, to try new things, to find inspiration and to make their own magic.

We know that creativity can:

  • Develop confidence, skills and knowledge
  • Provide different and effective approaches to finding business and community solutions
  • Explore and share knowledge and understanding
  • Provide new opportunities for people of all ages
  • Create a legacy
  • Be inspirational and exhilarating!

How do we do this?

Working with specialists in their fields, we design and deliver community projects and workshops with and for people of all ages, abilities, life-styles and cultures where they can explore their own creativity. We also facilitate a playful approach to finding solutions to community or business challenges through workshops, presentations and training. As Einsten said: 

Creativity is intelligence having fun!

We initiate our own community projects through raising funds as well as developing projects and events for clients and partners such as the ‘Finding Your Way’ project, commissioned by Towner in 2015. Five community groups that expanded across generations and abilities / disabilities designed beautiful pavement stickers that led people from Devonshire Ward in Eastbourne to the gallery.

Most recently we fundraised for and delivered the Heritage Lottery Funded (HLF) Gasbags Ahoy! project that worked with children and adults in Willingdon and beyond to discover and reveal facts and stories about Polegate Royal Naval Air Service Airship Station, which stood in 142 acres of land in Willingdon during WW1.  The resulting exhibition and magazine earned fantastic feedback and is being invited ‘on tour’ during 2019. When we know where and when, you’ll know where and when. 

Inspiring in East Sussex

‘Exploring Marianne North’ in Hastings, also HLF funded, worked across the community to raise knowledge and understanding of this extraordinary Victorian adventurer whose passion for painting and plants has left an everlasting documentation and legacy of flora and fauna from her era. Visit the project at

Our fascinating hour-long presentation about Marianne North can be booked by emailing us via our thebestof Eastbourne.


Not forgetting the International Voice Orchestra that meets weekly to share music from across generations and cultures.  Our musical director, Lena Holt, is a brilliant voice coach and arranger of songs.  No audition required. Just enthusiasm! As we all know, singing is good for you!

It’s not all fun and no work!

Our Creative Edge programme works with businesses with a different focus. We believe that creativity is essential for problem solving so offer a distinct and effective approach to businesses and charities.  Our ‘Creative Edge’ team:

  • Develops tailor-made packages that use simple, effective methods to identify and work through challenges from marketing to new product ideas;
  • Provides engaged organisations with a ‘creative tool kit’ for ‘do it yourself’ solutions to use in the future;
  • Offer great team-building sessions too, the approach encouraging shared thinking and ideas that produce unexpected, dynamic solutions and inspirations from within the team.  

Creative Blast! 

We are thrilled to be collaborating with thebestof Eastbourne to develop and facilitate a brand new series of workshop / training sessions that fit with the ethos of both our organisations. Joint working and sharing of knowledge, through a creative dialogue, is a proactive and inspirational way to work and we are really looking forward to our two teams working together alongside your businesses in our specially designed workshops. We will be taking your thoughts and challenges on board so that we can tailor sessions to local business community needs.  We will also be offering local charities training on how to make the best use of thebestof Eastbourne.

Keep a look out for announcements of these workshops on thebestof Eastbourne events pages.

Do you need a dynamic and engaging facilitator to deliver your training or presentations?

We believe that it's important for people to leave presentations, training or workshops with the feeling that a very good use of their time has been made and that they have learned something and / or achieved something useful to themselves and their community or business team. Plus with a renewed sense if purpose and fun!

Over many years our team has worked individually and with Creative Force to deliver training sessions and presentations designed by us or by other organisations.  More recently, these have included:

  • Director Teri Sayers-Cooper delivering the Friends Against Scams training nationally with great feedback for her ability to engage and involve audiences;
  • How Can Volunteering Benefit You? Workshops delivered in collaboration with 3VA and People Matter to engage people in more volunteering;
  • The inspiring Discovering Marianne North hour-long presentation across Hastings;
  • Workshops with charities and not for profit organisations through 3VA and East Sussex Volunteer Centre;
  • Eastbourne Community Network workshops;
  • Tugwell Park and Shinewater Park workshops to determine the future of these wonderful open spaces:

 “Creative Force have been a pleasure to work with, are clear communicators and use innovative methods that help engage and enthuse those they work with. The priorities and ideas developed though the creative processes have shaped the direction of the group, and been used to develop the groups constitution and future direction of initiatives for the park "

Jo Wunsch, Chances4change

Thank you for wanting to know more about our work. Please email Creative Force with a short message about your enquiry about any of our services or presentations. We’ll get back to you as quickly as we can!

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