Refurbishing a Victorian House
30th October 2014
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With over thirty years of experience there’s not much that I haven’t done when it comes to decorating houses. However, for me there is real pleasure in restoring Victorian properties back to their former glory. There are so many features that make Victorian properties special, which can be retained and restored, even if you are looking for a modern finish.


Many Victorian fireplaces are have been painted over or simply don’t look their best. However, think twice before you throw them out. Firstly, some of them can be valuable and, secondly, they may just need a little love and attention.  For example, where the tiles on either side of a fireplace have been painted, it’s possible to burn that paint off and restore them to their original state.

Likewise, where the cast iron has been painted and is looking shabby it’s possible to remove the paint and apply black lead. In some cases it can be hard to remove all the specks of paint and therefore the best option may be to prepare the iron properly and then re-paint it. Either way, your fireplace can become a feature to be proud of.

Cornicing and Dado Rails

Original features such as cornicing and dado rails can really be one of the selling points of a property. However, they need to be looked after properly. When this hasn’t happened you need to make sure that these are sensitively restored. This is something that I have had to do many times and, where there is something that my team can’t do alone, I will know just the right person to help.

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