Women's Sexual Satisfaction
25th May 2020
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 Psychology Today ran an article on Dr Nan Wise, who had appeared on NBC's Today programme, in March, commenting on a 2020 women's health survey. She has written ' Why Good Sex Matters: Understanding The Neuroscience Of Pleasure For A Smarter, Happier And More Purpose-Filled Life'.

 On the Today Programme she pointed out that 46% of those women surveyed reported on not being sexually satisfied. She also pointed to a 2018 survey, by the University of Chicago,  saying that 23% of adults had had no sex within the previous year.

 She suggests that this is a  'Pleasure Crisis' leading to a plunge in levels of general happiness, that may have something to do with the steep rise in Stress Related Disorders, Anxiety and Depression.

 As the today poll indicated that the women were afraid to talk to their partners about it, she wonders how they can improve their position, without communication. She bemoans the fact that women may be expected to be sex objects - based on appearance - obsessing about their bodies, worrying about age,  developing eating disorders, and body dysmorphia. She also gives tips on enhancing women's sexual pleasure.

 An interesting read.

 Matthew Hall, Master in Clinical hypnosis, and Specialist in Psychosexual Disorders


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