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23rd August 2020
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Jumoke Fashola presented a feature on Pornography Addiction in her show, Inspirit, this morning. She interviewed Dr. Sarah Jane Mcleod and a Psychosexual Lecturer.

 Dr Sarah explained how she had written a book on pornography addiction - taking the view that better sex and relationship education, from both schools and the church, would help to end pornography addction.

 The Psychosexual Lecturer said that he didn't really believe in "Pornography Addiction". He claimed that the brain does not react in the same way that it would when addicted to drugs. Therefore, he said, it could not really be classed as an addiction - but that both so-called "Pornography Addiction" and so-called "Sex-Addiction" were compulsions and should  be treated as such.

 Effective Hypnosis has long taken the view that Sex Addiction is miscalled, and should be treated as an obsession. Whilst we agree with Dr. Sarah that young people should be able to freely discuss their worries and not have Sexuality swept under the carpet, it is not going to stop people using Porn or having anxieties.

Since qualifying as a Specialist in Psychosexual Dysfunction last year, we have been treating people with sexual anxieties every week, many of these for "Pornography Addiction" or "Sexual Addiction". 

 Since the Covid crisis forced Effective Hypnosis to go online we have treated people  from all over the world, and we welcome enquiries from both West London, and further afield.

Matthew Hall, Master in Clinical Hypnosis and Specialist in Psychosexual Dysfuntion


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