Comfort Eating During Lockdown.
23rd January 2021
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 According to an article in today's Times newspaper, Public Health England has reported in January that over a third of us  snack on items containing too much sugar, salt and fat. Women, in particular, are more likely to eat high sugar foods, in order to cope with the stress.

 The Times reports that we are only giving ourselves a very short-term drug-like kick. Sandra Sunram-Lea, Professor of Biological Psychology at Lancaster University, says " Eating processed comfort foods can make you feel briefly better about yourself. The sugar , fat and salt they contain can affect the brain's mesolimbic reward system, giving you a nice sensation. But the mood improvement is only brief because your body will quickly release insulin which takes sugar out of your bloodstream and causes a slump."

 Sunram-Lea urges us to eat natural foods, which " foster stable mood through a stable supply of glucose in the blood, rather than give people brief sugar highs followed by crashes"

 If you do need help with avoiding comfort eating during Lockdown, try Effective Hypnosis.

 Matthew Hall, Master in Clinical Hypnosis


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