Erectile Dysfunction Is On The Rise
14th February 2021
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 Today is St Valentine's Day. A day in which many celebrate romantic love.The Sunday Times features an article on Erectile Dysfunction - which may be destroying the love lives of many men.

 The feature is on two cousins who set up - a website that helps men with ED through coaching and psychological help. They give the figure of 11.7 million men in the UK that have suffered at some time in their lives, including half of all men over 50. But there is also a worry that it is 30% in men under 30.

 They give various reasons that people may develop ED - alcohol, sedentry lifestyle, obesity. They stress that exercise is great for restoring a healthy sex life. Although they don't actually mention that one possible cause of the rise may be the current closure of gyms and swimming pools.

 They point out that ED may mask underlying problems such as low testosterone, vascular disorders, diabetes or heart disease - so suggest that sufferers get checked out by their GP in the first instance. But realise that psychological and emotional barriers such as stress, tiredness and extremely low self worth. 

 One of the possible reasons that people are reporting ED more may be that during lockdown, when they may have been working from home, the excuse of tiredness just won't wash with frustrated partners.

 A lot of men just won't talk about their problems openly and mojo has a community forum, which people may use to discuss problems with less self consciousness.

 Hypnotherapy, of course, has been shown to be very successful in restoring a healthy sex life in sufferers.

Matthew Hall, Master in Clinical Hypnosis and Specialist in Psychosexual Dysfunction


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