How to Sell Your House Quickly
20th October 2014
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There are a number of factors that impact upon how quickly you can sell your house and not all of these are in your control. Therefore, it’s vital to ensure that you make the most of the factors that you can affect.

Factors that you can’t control

When you come to sell your property there are a number of things that will affect how desirable it is to potential purchasers, which you simply can’t control. However, you need to be aware of these, partly so that you have a realistic idea of how quickly your property is likely to sell and partly so that you can make sure that the positives are shown to outweigh the negatives.


When buying or selling a property, its location is key and potential purchasers will want to know about transport links, schools and local amenities. The benefit of using a local estate agent like Colin Bibra in Ealing is that that local knowledge comes as standard.

Type of Property

Some types of properties are likely to sell quickly simply because there are not many similar properties on the market. For example, in London generally there are a lot of one and two bedroom apartments and fewer family homes. This means that, when couples start thinking about having children and upsizing, there are fewer properties to choose from. The trend of building ever more small apartments is likely to exacerbate this trend in the future.

The State of the Market

You can’t control how many potential purchasers there are at any given time. Fortunately, the market is generally buoyant in London generally and Ealing, in particular, is booming. There should therefore be plenty of potential purchasers out there.

Factors that you can control

So, we’ve looked at factors you can’t control. What can you do to make your property sell as quickly as possible?


Perhaps the most obvious factor is the price at which you choose to market your property. If you are desperate to sell your property you will price it at a deliberately low level simply to sell quickly. However, the likelihood is that you will want to balance the speed that you sell with obtaining the best possible price. Again, this is where Colin Bibra Estate Agents’ local knowledge is vital and we will be able to guide you in this area.

The state of the property

The one thing that you have absolute control over is the state that the property is in when potential buyers come and view it.

First impressions really count. You may be so used to what your house looks like that you don’t even see the first things other people notice (for example, weeds on the path or peeling paint).

How your property smells will be a less obvious but significant factor of a first impression. This is why some people suggest brewing fresh coffee or baking bread just before you show a house. Even if you feel that that is clichéd you should make sure that the house smells clean and fresh (the smell of last night’s meal is a big turnoff for buyers!).

Purchasers are told to look beyond superficial issues, but many are unable to do so. Therefore, you need to make sure that your property is clean, tidy and uncluttered and that paintwork looks fresh.

You may be loathe to spend money on a property that you’re selling, but spending a relatively small amount of money on decorating it in neutral colours and ensuring that it looks great may well pay big dividends in the speed that you sell the property and the price that you achieve.

John Bishop owns and runs Colin Bibra Estate Agents in Ealing.

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