5 Top Tips to Help Sell Your Home
20th May 2015
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Preparing your home for viewers will help it sell quicker and may even add more value. Colin Bibra Estate Agents in Ealing have some great tips to help:

  1. Make first impressions count - improve the look of the outside of your home bymowing the lawn, cleaning the gutters, giving the window frames a lick of paint etc.
  2. De-clutter and De-personalise – buyers need to be able to imagine how their thingswould look in your home. De-clutter and de-personalise by putting bigger items offurniture into storage, removing family pictures, children’s drawings etc. Declutterby getting rid of unwanted books, CD’s, DVD’s, ornaments and more.
  3. Ensure your home is warm, clean and smells lovely. If your house is warm and clean, potential buyers may decide to linger and look around some more. Why not consider getting carpets professionally cleaned AND have a go at spring cleaning paying serious attention to detail.
  4. Pets – whilst you may love your pets, not everyone is so keen. Ask a neighbour orfriend to take care of your pet when viewers are due to arrive. Remove litter trays, dog baskets and toys prior to a viewing.
  5. Get Out – Estate Agents have sold plenty of houses before so leave them to manage the viewing.
  6. If you have a property to sell, make sure you offer an enjoyable, pleasant experience for your viewers.

Colin Bibra Estate Agents in Ealing offer a FREE, no obligation property appraisal. Call them now to arrange on 020 8566 3333.

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