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11th October 2011
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Have you ever had a frustrating experience because you tried to cut corners, save money or time?

I know I've found it incredibly frustrating and annoying to book some work from a 'professional' and then have them not come up to standard.

One of the things I've been particularly pleased about - being part of your team at thebestof - is that we only work with people who have been recommended.  People who are the best at what they do and recognised for it.

It has saved me so much time and money I can hardly believe it.

We moved into Droitwich 7 years ago and knew no-one.  We were lucky though as we found Ian Prowse at thebestof Bromsgrove (he also owned thebestof Droitwich then too).  

He really was the person to go to whenever we wanted to find out what was happening locally, who to use when we needed products or services locally.

In fact, we loved it so much, we bought thebestof Droitwich off him early in 2010 and we've been getting to know Droitwich and its many and varied businesses ever since.

We know that when we recommend businesses on thebestof that they are tried, tested and proven.

Later in the month I'll be talking about some particular examples.  Why not share your stories?

I'm looking forward to talking more about which professionals are the best in town.

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