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4th December 2009
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The new year is approaching quickly and many of us are already starting to think about making new year resolutions.  Before you make yours make sure you read the below article from Bev Southall at Essential Wellbeing.  Bev is a recommended member of thebestof and can help you to start the new year on a positive note.


"Many of us look forward to the New Year with dreams

of making a difference, doing things differently so that we enjoy our lives more.

The top three New Year’s resolutions are:

  • Stop Smoking
  • Lose Weight
  • Start Exercising

Would one of these be yours for 2010?

Once the festive season is over, we often start a new year with good intentions. However, using that old fashioned ‘will power’ method to try to achieve our goal of changing a particular behaviour or habit, often results in disappointment.

So what happens when our will power gets challenged?

The resolution gets broken and we resume our old behaviour. Feelings of being out of control and defeated, compounded with reduced self esteem and self worth soon come to life leaving us feeling worse than before.

So why use ‘will power’ when all ‘will power’ represents is ‘resistance’, making it an uphill battle from the beginning.

Would you like to start the New Year on a more positive note and find the motivation within you to succeed?


Great! Then call me on 07894 428081 to book your New Years’
appointment, making sure that your New Year is a happy one.  Don't forget to mention that you found me on thebestofdroitwich."

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