New initiative to beat distraction crime
25th March 2009
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A big initiative has been launched by Droitwich police on distraction burglary in the local area.

The police have started that: "It is important that everyone feels safe and this is another step we are taking to ensure this is the case. It is an extra means of security for certain members of the community and reassures them that a friendly neighbour is around to call on."

Distraction burglary is a regularly committed crime in Droitwich - the town's elderly residents are often the victims and the most crimes of this nature are carried out in the summer.

In response, police have launched the new 'Nominated Neighbour' scheme which asks for the help of neighbours.

This involves a trusted member of the community in a road or small area acting as a contact for neighbours who are worried about a caller they have had at their door.

Vulnerable or elderly residents of the area will given a notice to hold up if they are concerned and would prefer not to answer the door to certain callers.

The notice requests the caller to knock on the nominated neighbour's door in order for their identity to be checked and if verified they will return to the house with them.

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