Local breast cancer investment
4th March 2009
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Over £1 million worth of advanced diagnostic equipment for breast cancer has been awarded to Bromsgrove's Princess of Wales Community Hospital by Worcestershire Primary Care Trust. Part of this award will include the provision of two digital mammography units, which, for local women, mean a more efficient, speedier and accurate diagnosis.

Present eligibility for use of the service in the area covers more than 108,000 women between the ages of 50-70. This includes the female residents of Droitwich Spa.

UK annual breast cancer mortality for women is 12,500. If discovered early on, research has proved that there is a far greater chance of surviving this disease.

I'm sure that you'll all agree with me that such equipment is essential for the ongoing health of our local women and to be incredibly pleased that we will have such advanced diagnostic provision in our area.

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