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The world has shrunk so rapidly in such a short space of time – video phones, instant news and messaging. It's not always easy for the more mature amongst us to keep up. And just as I think I'm au fait with it all, I get a request to arrange 'Skype time?'
Well, it's nearly here. Our Croydon streets will soon be an explosion of red white and blue, as all the plans and preparation come to fruition this weekend, and there's plenty of fun to be had for all the family.
June 17th is Father's Day - dedicated to that special man who thinks he's head of the household! A day when maybe he won’t get nagged, maybe he won't have to mow the lawns, and maybe he might even get treated!
Your Jubilee Street Party is the perfect time to revive the good old fashioned party games – not only will it keep the children occupied, but we suspect the adults will have a whole lot of nostalgic fun too!
Get yourself a stunning new look without breaking the bank with the help of thebestof Croydon, then boogie along with legends Tom Jones, Elvis, Tina Turner and Rod Stewart - now that promises to be ‘A Night to Remember’!
Are you Croydon's answer to Joey Essex? Can you 'out glamour' the Chelsea girls? If you're looking for your 15 minutes of fame (and possibly more) and are happy to share your personal life, warts and all, then read on!
The Croydon Music Festival delighted to be celebrating its Centenary this year. From music and movement to speech and drama, local individuals and groups are taking the opportunity to make a proper song and dance about it.
You can have fun visiting Croydon's beautiful Centrale Centre this weekend WITHOUT having to spend a fortune. Enjoy a fun Easter day out with the children and let them meet some new furry, spiky and slimy friends!
Croydon will once again stage its moving crucifixion re-enactment after an anonymous donor stepped in with funding. It was feared the event would have to be cancelled but this 15 year tradition will go ahead, with a soap actor in the leading role.
Next weekend sees the staging of the Sainsbury's Sport Relief Mile in hundreds of towns the length and breadth of the country. Croydon has no less than three such Miles in the local area so get those trainers on and do your bit for charity!
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