In Croydon and across the UK, folks are going the extra mile as Sport Relief puts the 'fun' in fundraising
17th March 2012
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We've watched the celebrities cycle, swim, run and go through all manner of gruelling endurance tests with admiration and awe.


It's both heartwarming and entertaining to see these famous faces doing their not inconsiderable bit for those less fortunate - and it is clear from watching those who visit the source of the causes Sport Relief support that they are genuinely moved by the plight of these people, both here in the UK and internationally.


Transforming lives here and in the world's poorest countries, Sport Relief funds support for young people in the UK whose lives may be blighted by drugs, alcohol or abuse, and offers support to young carers. Sport Relief cash also helps older UK residents who may be lonely or vulnerable, enabling them to contribute to their communities, making them feel less isolated and giving them a sense of purpose in life. Contributions go to women's refuges and other local community support groups, enabling both children and adult survivors of abuse or trauma to rebuild their lives.


Sport for Change provides communities with the tools necessary to address social issues often created by poverty or social exclusion. Also in the UK are programmes to help and empower those suffering from the undeserved stigma of mental health issues, supporting their efforts to claim their rightful place in society.


It takes only £10 to provide advice and guidance to a person suffering from dementia and their carer, helping them both to cope with the challenges they face. £500 can provide a full year's one-to-one support for a young carer struggling to cope with the responsibility of helping the family and keeping up with their schooling.


Internationally, much of the emphasis is on support of women and girls, who make up around a staggering 70% of the world's poorest population. In addition, those who have tried to escape the poverty and desolation of rural Africa find themselves instead in urban slums with no work, no sanitation, no home - nothing to meet even their most basic needs. Vulnerable and exploited children affected by conflict or the thousands orphaned by HIV and AIDS try to survive on the streets, in constant danger and a permanent state of hunger. We cannot fail to be aware of how little it can cost to transform the lives of these people, to save lives by providing medications for preventable diseases like malaria.


Sport Relief funds also go towards providing education to enable future generations to improve their prospects of a brighter future. £100 is enough to run a school educating 300 children in Kenya for a week. And always there is the constant need to provide communities with the means to produce clean, fresh water.


Getting involved couldn't be simpler. Simply choose your mile on the 25th March from:


Woodcote High School, Meadow Rise, Coulsden 10.00 to 14.00


Purley John Fisher Rugby Club, Parsons Pightle, Coulsden Old Road, Coulsden 10.00 to 14.00


Croydon Sports Arena, Albert Road, South Norwood, Croydon 13.00 til 17.00


Sign up via


It promises to be a great day out and in return for your fundraising you can qualify for 50% off entry to Alton Towers, Thorpe Park and Chessington World of Adventures Resort. You can also get a free 3 day Fitness First gym pass, and 10% online discount at


And you don't need to be an athlete to compete; choose your distance to suit your pace and ability.


1 mile


This is for fun, for families, friends and children. Fancy dress is optional but all adds to the fun.


3 miles


If the marathon isn't for you but you fancy a bit of pavement pounding, this could be your distance. Challenge a few friends with the promise of a pie and a pint at the finish line!


6 miles


If you ARE a marathon man then this should be a walk in the park, and an opportunity to raise some serious cash for a great cause.


And you can tell the grandchildren you got a medal for running in 2012! This is the year to do it in, and everyone who participates in the Sport Relief Mile will earn themselves a medal for taking part and raising much needed cash.


So what are you waiting for, go to thebestof Croydon Events Page for more details and to choose your Mile. Good Luck!

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