Does Your Business Have a Fleet of Vehicles?
20th June 2011
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Hi, it's Simon here again (what twice in one day??).

You know, the best thing about working with the best of corby is that I get to meet some amazing people. And quite frequently, I learn about some great and somewhat unique businesses.

This time I want to appeal to all businesses that have a ‘fleet’ (big or small) of delivery vehicles.

If that’s you, (or someone you know) then listen up. 

Let me ask you –

·          How frustrating/time consuming is it to keep track of where your vehicles and drivers are at any given time? Dare I say, might your drivers be less efficient than you’d like them to be?

·          How often have you fallen short of your optimum customer service level because you couldn’t locate a vehicle or driver quickly enough?

·          How much business (profit) might that have cost you over the months/year?

AGM Telematics of Corby are EXPERTS in vehicle management, with their very own sophisticated but user friendly advanced software management system. (You should read what their very satisfied clients say about them on the bestof corby website).

When George, Alan and Matt demonstrated their highly impressive software programme to me last month, I thought this level of management information would carry a heavy price tag as it would, without doubt, facilitate a highly efficient vehicle tracking system for any business.  Well, I was (and you will be) very pleasantly surprised!

In fact, if you are quick, AGM Telematics are currently offering a FREE 2 week trial of their system with full service training and support.

Why not give them a call – 01536 384640 and see exactly what they have to offer?

Best regards



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