Best Portuguese Food
6th February 2017
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Portuguese cuisine has long been loved by a lot of people and you can get to try these wonderful dishes but the question now is, which food to get? Here are some of the best Portuguese dishes that you can give a try and enjoy.

One of the most common dishes is the traditional dish of salted cod called Bacalhau while others serve the octopus variant called Polvo. Other dishes that are included consist of chicken, lamb or pork.

Every meal is not complete without desserts and Portuguese cuisine has its own favorites. Portuguese people has their own version of French toast which they call Rabanadas, as well as Pasteis de Nata or a Custard cup, Aletria or Sweet Angel Hair Dessert and Sonhos or Choux Pastry Puffs.

They also have a special salted cod that is called Bacalhaue de Consoada as well as Bolo Rei which is a kind of cake. There are also Sopa Dourada or Golden Soup which is not really soup but a kind of dessert.

Despite of many desserts being served, Portuguese cuisine is known for its savoury Conserva de Cenoura which is a scrumptious side dish made of carrots. Also, a dish called Peru Recheado com Nozes, a walnut- stuffed turkey. Lastly, a Portuguese dinner is not complete with Arroz Doce, a sweet rice pudding usually served for desserts.

You never have to go to Portugal just to take a bite into this wonderful dishes. You can simply visit A Tasca, an authentic Portuguese restaurant where you can find all the best dishes of the Portuguese cuisine.

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