Why not save those comfortable pieces of furniture by having them re upholstered
9th July 2014
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It doesn't just have to be a chair it may be a sofa, stool, bench or something else to sit or recline on. For my part it happened to be a couple of American odd chairs that I'd had for years. The covering was pretty shabby having had lots of use over a long period by adults and kids. I decided they'd have to go. 

Trouble is I still liked them, the design pleased me and I couldn't find a modern copy. Like so much stuff that you like nobody makes it any more, it's not fashionable, but it is comfortable. The solution came to me, get them reupholstered give them a new lease of life.

When I looked into upholstery I realised this was a specialised craft which has evolved over centuries, with tools that which are unique to that trade. The amount of skill and knowledge is extensive and takes years of experience to perfect.

I realised that the external look of a chair is the tip of the iceberg, all the essentials are invisible, but it's these elements which are so vital for our comfort and the overall appearance. 

Once the decision had been made I needed to find my craftsman. I asked some local antique dealers who specialised in furniture and also a local restaurant whose bench seats had been recovered. The name I was given was Hurcan the owner of Hurcans Quality Upholstery, and he was local!

My chairs and I went to see him. Having chatted with him and seen examples of his work I went home minus the chairs. His range of fabrics and materials was really good and and ranged from expensive to very affordable as you'd expect. I chose a mid price plaid design that suited the chairs and would wear well. The result was astonishing my chairs have been transformed into better than new. Old friends reunited.

When you have a piece of furniture that you've loved why let it go without a fight, having to spend money on new furniture, often of inferior quality at a high price. I can thoroughly reccomend looking into the mysterious art of upholstery and having a chat with Hurcan a master craftsman.

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