Top five weight loss tips from The Best of Chelmsford
26th September 2011
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It might only be September, but Christmas is only a couple of months away, and that means eating too much, drinking too much and putting on a few pounds. Cue your annual New Year’s Resolution to lose weight.


But why not jump the gun and try and drop a size before the festive period? The extra fitness will help you in January, and you’ll feel a little less guilty for the overindulgence in December.


Here’s our top five tips for losing weight over the next few months.


1. Watch what you drink


It seems obvious that people losing weight should cut down on the booze. It’s not called a ‘Beer Belly’ for no reason, but it’s not only the glass of wine (or five) with dinner that’s piling on the calories.


Simply switching to diet soft drinks, or sugar free squash can make a huge difference. A 330ml can of Coke has a whopping 141 calories – so imagine how many you get through in a two litre bottle.


2. Don’t worry about falling off the wagon – plan to!


Dieting can be a bit of a drudge and it can really grind you down. Take it too far in one go and it’s very easy to fall off the wagon and fall off hard. So why not build it in to your plan.


Is Friday night Pizza night? Why not? You’ve spent all week eating the healthy option, so treat yourself. Perhaps one slice less than normal and one glass of wine less than you would usually have, and you are still taking on fewer calories than your usual routine, whilst giving yourself a well earned break from the cabbage soup!


3. Buy the clothes you want to fit


Ever been shopping and seen the clothes you want to wear, but not wanted to buy them in your size? Why not just go out and buy a few things that you really like, in the size you want to be? Not only will it give you a real motivation to get them to fit, it’ll feel great when you finally can do up those jeans without having to breathe in like a pearl diver!

4. Take up an active hobby


Exercise is key to losing weight, but we don’t all want to be pounding the pavement every morning for miles at a time. But there are plenty of fun alternatives out there. It’s no surprise that every year there are stories from ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ of the stars dropping weight like there is no tomorrow.


Dancing is hard work, so why not give Salsa a try with lessons at The Triangle Bar, Duke St, Chelmsford. Or if you are worried about having two left feet, Zumba Fitness is a craze that has been sweeping the nation. Give it a try at South Hanningfield Village Hall.


Find out more on The Best of Chelmsford Events Directory.


5. Join a club


Having like minded people all working towards the same goal can work wonders for your motivation. Whether it’s the support, or even a bit of competition with your fellow members, it can push you that little bit more.


The Wellness Centre in Chelmsford is running a 12 week community weight loss challenge with everything you need to drop the weight before Christmas.

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