The Ten Meadows Project
4th June 2014
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We feel people don’t always get the best from their garden. They choose plants that are tough or easy to maintain, rather than spirited and alluring.

We understand the attraction of the low maintenance garden, but we don’t believe it should be lacklustre or muted. Life is something to engage with, and should be enjoyed whether it goes well… or whether it goes badly. As in the quote above – why punish yourself?

The Ten Meadows Project offers people who own gardens (that’s you) a chance to work in partnership (with us) to create something beautiful, mysterious and generous.

Beautiful, mysterious and generous? A meadow fits that bill exactly.

Each of the ten meadows will be different – they will be created on different land, with different soils, in different aspects, from different starting points and with different budgets – but each one will be an expression of its owner and the instinct they followed to allow its creation.

We don’t know if this project will work. We are investing in it in the hope that this vulnerability will create ten beautiful places on this earth, and that these places will continue to evolve and energise people far into the future.

We need you to have a piece of land we can use. Size doesn’t matter. We need you to choose an annual operating budget from the list below:

A) £0-250 each year       C) £750-2000 each year

B) £250-750 each year   D) £2000+ each year

… and then commit to spending within that budget each year for at least three years.

We need to be allowed to photograph the meadow as it changes over time and post the pictures on our website. And last of all, we need you to understand this is about creating something that celebrates life. The process is to be the most rewarding part, whatever the results may be.

From us, we will give freely of knowledge, advice and any research we do, and we will work to the budget chosen (the budget is a limit, not an aim, for those of you worried about getting a £2000+ bill every year!)

We aim to create an eco-system that encourages biodiversity and wildlife, that is low maintenance once set up, and gives your garden the ‘wow’ factor.

We hope you wish to be one of the ten people who work with Modern Mint on this project. If you are, please decide on your budget, then register your interest by contacting us through any of the ways below.

If you are not interested but know someone who might be, be kind and share this with them. They’ll appreciate what you’ve done for them.

Best wishes, we hope to hear from you soon,

Darren Lerigo

Curator, The Ten Meadows Project for Modern Mint Ltd

077686 39388 / 01245 357654

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