The benefits of a great business card
9th January 2014
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How much time have you invested in your business card design? Did you log on to Vistaprint and choose a template? Or did you commission a designer? And what impact does it have on your networking and ultimately, new business?

We changed our graphic designer earlier this year, moving from a standard two sided card to a fold out card, included a QR code and introduced a cut out Wi-Fi logo. The visual impact is noticeable and when handed out at networking events, it starts a conversation – and this, to me, is the whole point of the business card.

I’m a member of and attend several networking groups across Essex. Each has is pros and cons but the main thing I have found is you need to stand out. You need to engage the attendees, make sure they remember you and if they ever require the service you provide, that you’re top of their list.

And having a business card that’s stands out goes some way towards ensuring they remember you. This, supported by a connection on Linked In, a Tweet saying how nice it was to meet them and an email to see if they’ll be at the next meeting all go towards creating a relationship which could, in turn, turn into a sale or more importantly a great relationship.

The business card also aids with communicating our brand and who we are as a company. Founding APC in 1996 as a traditional IT company, it has come a long way in the past 17 years. We’re now a leading UK based wireless communications, telecommunications and network infrastructure, company installing connections not only in the UK but also in South Africa, North America, the Middle East and more closer to home, around Europe. With wireless being a ‘modern’ industry, it is vital our branding depicts this.

Our new business card does this; it tells you who we are as a company before we even open our mouths. If we are sending out a letter to a prospective client, it immediately gives them a feeling about the business.

Recently I attended a networking event at Brands Hatch racing circuit in Kent; I was kindly invited by a very close supplier of mine. On arrival I was requested to hand in two business cards. My cards were inserted in to a folder along with every other visitor’s of the event. Then throughout the day the folder was passed around for everyone to review and score the cards based on the look, feel, content, details, contact information etc. The winner which is picked by the guests who scored the business cards won a driving experience at Brands Hatch!

This reviewing period was also great for the other visitors to see and gather details about the other attendees, but more importantly the company hosting the day captured everyone’s details who attended the event, allowing them to follow up at a later date. This isn’t rocket science, but a great idea!

The great news and to my surprise was my business card was selected as the best card, and I won that driving experience day. Now I was extremely chuffed, in fact I was as pleased as punch, but what was great was the business card stood out and did the job the design team intended it to do! So my thanks go to Andy Gowers of Premier Design, and if you need a great designer then look no further, as his company is brilliant! But also they won me a driving experience day at Brands Hatch. Thanks Andy and the creative design team!

So next time you hand over your card, take a look and ask does this really depict who I am and what my business does?

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