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19th March 2014
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Safety Perspective

The vast majority of taxi and private hire (minicabs) companies and their drivers operating today are fully licensed, honourable, reliable and safe to travel with and many will be based near you ( 01245 335555). Just take time choosing the right one for you but remember if your gut feeling tells you something seems wrong then don't get in the car and chance it, simply Call ( 01245 335555) wait for another one so you can arrive home safely. Booking a taxi, only use licensed taxis and minicabs!!

ChelmsfordTaxis Safety TipsĀ 

Always try to pre-book your taxi or minicab in advance with a company you know and trust and have used before or book a company with a website ( so you can tell a family member or friend which company you will be travelling with and what their contact details are.

Ask the company you have booked with to text you or tell you the registration number of the taxi or the licence plate number or name of the driver they are sending to pick you up so you know you are getting into the correct cab.

To make sure another customer looking for a taxi outside a busy venue does not get into your pre-booked taxi you could give the taxi company operator your name and mobile number By doing this you know he is your correct driver and he will know you are his correct passenger

If when looking for your pre-booked taxi outside a club or bar you are asked by a waiting unknown cab driver what your name is don't tell him instead ask him what's the name of the passenger he is supposed to be picking up and what destination is he supposed to be travelling too, if it's not your name and destination don't get in

If you have not pre-booked a taxi call and book one at 01245 335555 or try to use a taxi rank with taxi marshalls in attendance as they offer a reassuring presence to passengers.

If you can't book a cab from a reputable company when going out nominate one of your group as a designated driver for the evening or ask a another friend to drive you or you could ask a relative or good old mum and dad. (sorry mum and dad's) but it's better safe than sorry.


If you have to make a telephone booking in a public place do not let any one hear you giving your name or address as any one can turn up and pretend they are your taxi.. Safety tips while travelling It is a good idea to do the following:

Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged before you go out and has plenty of credit on it.

Make a note of the number plate and drivers licence number on the back of the car.

Always sit in the back of the vehicle !

Carry your mobile phone in your hand so it is easily accessible.

Watch which route the taxi driver is taking and if he is going the wrong way challenge him

If in doubt don't get in the taxi, call 01245 335555 and confirm, or just request a different Taxi Question: What type of taxi can be hailed down in the street?

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