Some helpful tips to stay safe this Fireworks Night
9th October 2014
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Some Safety Tips for Fireworks Night


  • Never hold a lit firework.


  • We use a bucket full of sand to put our fireworks in.  This makes them more steady when lighting.


  • Do not aim fireworks towards people, houses, sheds or bushes.  Nobody wants to be hit by one of these…….ouch!


  • Keep your pets safely inside. 


  • If you let your children have sparklers make sure they do not put them near their face or clothes. 


  • If you light a firework and it does not go off do not go back to it.  Leave it for a while and then put it in a bucket of water.


  • Do not smoke near fireworks… could go up with a bang! 


  • We use a torch when lighting fireworks.  Helps us to see what we’re doing!


  • Make sure your family and friends keep at a safe distance. 


Why not finish off your fireworks night with good old jacket potatoes, sausages and baked beans.  

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