1st December 2009
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Chelmsford’s Olly Mers is back at the top again after two fantastic performances on X Factor the weekend.

The Cheeky Chelmsford Lad done a Amazing version of Elton Johns “Saturday Nights Alright” and the Take thats “Love aint here anymore” Even though Olly Fans were outraged as they believed fellow contestant Danyl Johnson had better songs picked for him by Simon Cowell, as it emerged  they were not popular songs Olly was given... Was this why he was in the bottom two again???  Even so it was a Brilliant Performance!

I think we should all get behind Olly and keep the votes coming to get him into the finals to WIN!!! I believe he is the only one who really entertains with the help of his signature moves! He gives 100% every time he’s on stage!

This weekends Contestants will be singing Jacko songs!!!! Cant wait to see what the Essex Lad will be singing could it be the way you make me feel”??? Billie Jean?? The suspense is killing me!!  No doubt Joe will be singing something theatrical, Stacey a slow number and Danyl a high pitched number.... Yawn.

Olly is even missing his own twin brothers wedding as mentor Simon Cowell will NOT let him go even to the Ceremony! As the 3pm wedding, in Chelmsford on Saturday, clashes with the semi-final’s “vital” dress rehearsal.

"Olly's absolutely gutted," a friend said.

Well its not every day your Twin Brother gets married!

He was hoping that Simon would have been able to organise something like a taxi motorbike to take him to the ceremony and rush him back to the studios.”

The closest he will get to the service now is if one of his parents, Peter, 50, and Vicki-Lynn, 48, or sister Fay, 27, play it through one of their mobiles on speakerphone.

Has Mr Cowell have no Heart at all?? Surely he could of arranged for him to do the dress rehersal friday or even the crack of dawn on Saturday morning?? I find this very unfair!!!

I Now urge everyone to Vote for the essex boy this weekend more than you would have had previous weeks !!! How gutted would Olly be if he was voted out this week when he could of gone to his Brothers wedding! Lets make him feel that it was all worth it!!



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