New Years resolutions
6th January 2010
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These are just a few things to get us started! To have a Happy & Healthy 2010.




Happy 2010 ! Start of a new year new beginning for us.

If your like me and hibernated from the cold weather and over indulged yourself by eating to many mince pies , chocolates etc Then have no fear I have listed the most popular goals to give our new year a Kick Start!

Improve your health

Exercise more - Instead of using the car to go to your local shops maybe try walking you will be surprised how more energetic you will be come by doing this more & more every little counts or even joining a Gym it does seem like hard work at first but once you have been a few times its becomes easier and you start to feel great!

Eat Better - It might be a good idea to throw that tin of Quality Streets away and swap this for fruit or carrot sticks are good snacks! Also maybe piling a few more veg on your plate with your dinner. To Point you in the rightb direction why not try your local Nutritionist Linda perkins

Drink less alcohol - I’m sure most of you had plenty of alcohol this Christmas, so to cut down on this is a great way to detox!

Quit Smoking - Yes this is easy said than done, I haven’t smoked for 2 years now and I feel so much better for this and I saved so much money as well! I done this with a little bit of will power and just simply cutting down to start with.




Debt - Find a way of getting rid of your debts, money worries are the worst, Try and get a clean slate for the year ahead. Also look for cheaper options always great to save a the pennies.


Your career


Get a better job - if your not liking your job maybe take the plunge and have a look around no harm in looking, you never know could be the perfect job out there waiting for you or if there is anything you have always wanted to do why not go for it! You have to be happy in your job your there most of the time.

Improve your Education - Maybe a night course to improve grades that you wished and known you could of done better or even learning something new ( such as a Foreign Language or Music)





Get Organized - This is something that I need to do more of! Being organized reduces stress and saves you time in your busy every day life.


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