13th November 2013
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The age-old debate, do I spend time networking or not? We all need to grow our business and meeting new people from other companies or areas is one way to do this. But, networking takes time. And time, is often a commodity we donât have much of.

For me, networking is invaluable. It gives me the opportunity to meet and work with new people, some of which may be within the same industry as me and some from completely different areas. However, we all share a passion. To succeed in what we do.

We learn from others, take inspiration from them, learn from their mistakes even and go on to achieve our goals.

I dedicate around 3 days a month in total to networking events, normally mornings, afternoons and sometimes evenings. On average a networking event will only be a few hours at a time, and I may attend up to 8 separate events per month. I attend a regularly breakfast club in Chelmsford, which allows me to interact, share ideas and open the floor to discussions relevant to my business. This, I find invaluable.If you are facing a problem or considering branching out into a new venture, having a table of business professionals to bounce ideas off is invaluable.

Just being able to see the wood from the trees, hear other peopleâs ideas and ask their opinions can give you a new perspective on a situation.

Their valuable insight from different industries and warps of life can bring a new sense of direction to a company. When you go to school you have teachers, be an apprentice and you have a mentor but when you run a business, its other businessmen and women that offer you advice and guidance.

So yes, you do need to give up some of your time in the office to go out and network but the returns can be invaluable. A new client, perspective on a situation or even a new employee can all be found at networking events up and down the country.

Obviously, some events are better than others. Some are merely for a quick social coffee and a chat but if you can find a true networking group where new people join regularly, round tables are used and weekly or monthly discussions are had, sign up, be a part of it and reap the rewards it will bring to your business.

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