Lost my MS Office Password.
18th February 2009
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Had a bit of a panic this week. I keep a lot of statistical analysis stuff in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and to prevent them getting corrupted I had protected them with some passwords. They were very good passwords and for safety's sake I wrote them down so I would have them handy if I forgot them. Naturally enough over the course of a few months I got to the point were I needed to add anothers quarters data to my by now totally invaluable spreadsheets.

I had filed the notes with my 'valuable' passwords away very safely, so safely that I couldn't find them!!!!!!!

If you know me you can imagine the language, the air was blue, which is not my favourite colour (i'm a Liverpool Fan).

Scouring the internet for help I eventually found a product that managed to retrieve my passwords, I was so grateful, and I do mean grateful.

So grateful I thought I would let others know that help is at hand when you lose your Office Passwords. It works for any MS Office product.

The product is called Office Password Recovery PRO and it's available to DOWNLOAD

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