Keep your home safe over the Summer
13th July 2010
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Police in Chelmsford have issued a warning to local homeowners to keep their homes secure during the Summer after a theft from a house in Sheppard Drive over the weekend.


Thieves stole an iPod, cash and bankcards by gaining access through an unsecured door that had been left unlocked whilst the homeowner was in another part of the house.


Crime reduction advisor, Stephen Armson-Smith outlined: “While it’s important to keep cool during the hot weather, I would urge residents to be sensible at the same time. Unfortunately, passing thieves can regard an open door or window as an opportunity for them to attempt to steal your property."


“So please, shut windows in hot weather at night, or when you’re out. If a room in your home is occupied, and ventilation is needed, please open the highest fanlight-style window.”

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