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18th November 2013
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An old man finally gets the sports car of his dreams and decides to go for a drive and see what his new car can do. He's letting loose on the highway, when police lights and sirens turn on right behind him. He looks at his speed and notices he's doing 100, so he presses on the gas increasing it to 110, presses a little harder increasing his speed to 120. Finally he decides "I'm to old for this" and pulls over. When the cop reaches his window he says "look old man, I've got 30 minutes left in my shift and it's Friday,if you give me a good excuse I've never heard before, I'll give you a warning". The old man thinks for a sec, and replies "3 years ago my wife left me for a police officer, I thought you were bringing her back", to which the cop replied, "have a good day sir!"

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