“It can take 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.”
4th June 2014
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Such companies tend to be classed as ‘high performers’ as they are able to nurture a culture of CSR and fully integrate such strategies throughout their business, rewarding and incentivising social responsibility decisions.

Equally and very importantly, employees prefer to work for companies who are united with their values and this has been proven to enhance both recruitment and employee retention.

So - how do you develop CSR within your business to ensure you do work alongside good ethics, good business sense, good interaction with your local community and at the same time create good morale and employee retention?

I have summarised below a few simple, easy to implement ideas which WILL make a substantial difference to both your business and employees.

1. Encourage Green Practices

As a business, it’s important to implement strategies which aim at increasing your CSR towards the environment.  Both customers and employees are attracted to those companies who are conscientious about their carbon footprint.

In a report entitled Saving the World at Work it was found that in a study of 14-18 year olds, “78% said money was less important to them than personal fulfilment.”

Furthermore, “They went on to work for companies that promote equality, a green environment, and social responsibility.”


Implementing strategies to boost your CSR will not only assist in reducing environmental waste it will also encourage stewardship growth and better corporate ethics.

Listed below are a few ways to boost your environmental responsibility:

  • Recycling paper, cans, bottles in the office
  • Collect food and donations for victims of natural disasters
  • Encourage reduced energy consumption
  • Encourage the turning off of lights, computers outside of work hours

Promoting a reduction in environmental waste and energy can save you money as well as making your business substantially more attractive to both customers and potential employees.


2. Foster a culture of Social Responsibility for employee recruitment and retention

There is clear evidence which shows that potential recruits, especially graduates, are placing increasing emphasis on an employer’s ethics. A recent survey of undergraduates found that:

  • 26% would not work for an organisation with a poor work-life balance
  • 20% would not work for one they regarded as unethical
  • 12% would not apply to one with a reputation for discriminatory practices

Your culture reflects such ethics, values and attitudes and this culture influences how your staff interact with managers, customers and each other. In today’s climate businesses are in the best position when they create a culture which expects and anticipates change.

Staff will begin to do things because they believe it is the right thing to do, and this deep involvement can create a cohesive group of employees who work together to meet the objectives and values of your business.

Creating an adaptive culture of CSR allows for creative freedom and support for change.

It can also encourage employees to be proud of who they work for and to be enthusiastic about coming up with new CSR initiatives, promoting friendly competition and recognition programmes.

team building

Employers can connect with their staff and the community through:

  • Making contributions to local charities
  • Participating in community programmes
  • Sponsoring community events
  • Encouraging employees to participate in charity events and making a company contribution towards this event

3. Employee development

There are positive benefits to be gained in terms of employee development from many of these community initiatives undertaken by employers as part of their CSR programmes. 

Community Projects

A typical win-win situation occurs when several members of staff are given a challenge and help out for a day at a local charity, resulting in:

  • Development of project management, team working, organisational, leadership and other interpersonal skills
  • A refreshing break from the normal working environment
  • The opportunity to get to know work colleagues from other depts.
employee and community csr

In simple terms this community involvement is free Team Building Training for your employees, whilst also helping your local community and enhancing your company reputation…..  

4. Celebrate your successes

Such CSR initiatives and actions should be communicated and celebrated throughout your company to further enhance your profile and of course reward and recognise your employees for their involvement and contributions, either individually and/or as a group.

The celebration of these successes can further drive employee motivation and create good publicity for your business.

Finally, adopting such CSR initiatives gives out the message that you are taking an interest to improve issues within the wider community, such as local charities and the environment and will continue to increase your productivity and profitability.

celebrate good hr

Remember, the more YOU as the business owner involve YOUR staff, the more they will reward YOU in the long term….Happy Face 

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