Is the Easter Bunny another Santa Claus?
31st March 2015
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It seems that the Easter Bunny legend came from Germany and spread from there to the USA. Originally it was an Easter Hare rather than a rabbit. The hare was considered to be a judge who job was to discover whether the children had been good or naughty in the build up to Easter.

The legend is the the Easter Bunny would carry coloured eggs in a basket together with sweets and toys. These would be delivered the night before the Easter holiday. Just like Santa Claus!

It's also said that the Easter Bunny would lay, decorate and then hide the eggs hence the easter egg hunt. The first chocolate eggs were from Europe and were solid not hollow as they are today. This was because the confectioners had not perfected the method of creating a chocolate shell.

Whatever the origins there's no doubt that Easter Eggs remain as popular as ever. Enjoy!

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