I took my children to see the magical Father Christmas event at the wonderful marsh farm and I was not disappointed. The experience took just over 2 hours, but it actually flew by.
16th December 2014
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Our elves took us into the "the elf theatre" for a magic show which the children really enjoyed.  They make the experience very personal for the children.  My children’s names were on the nice list which magically appeared in the naughty and nice book. My boys could not believe there ears when there names were read out. 


Our visit then took us to visit Mr Wigglepop the reindeer whisperer who introduced us to 3 of the reindeers.  We were told that the birds have been keeping an eye on us to make sure we have been good this.  Mr Wigglepop then summoned a bird out of nowhere with a note with 2 children’s names on it, which again made it so personal. The children then helped to make a magic dust for the reindeers to fly. 


We then went to meet Mrs Claus to decorate cookies which again was wonderful.  Mrs Claus then gave the children the secret ingredients to make the cookies whilst the parents had to cover there ears.  The children then went into another room to decorate the cookies which was lots of fun.  We didn’t get a chance to take the cookies home as my boys ate them straight away. 


Buddy and Sparkle then took us to the post office where it started to snow much to the children’s delight to send there letter to Father Christmas which my boys wrote that morning. 


It was then time to meet the big man himself. As we were waiting for the elves to call our names Sparkle was making balloons for the children.  This was also a chance to get a photo with the elves which was good as they had made it so magical for the children.  Once our names were called we were taking into the house down the corridor, which was decorated beautifully to see Father Christmas.  Father Christmas was absolutely brilliant.  He knew the children’s names, what presents they wanted and again made it vary personal.  Father Christmas then took a photo.  After a chat with the boys he got them to pull the cord to call the elves to come and show us out.  This Father Christmas was so good that I’m even convinced that he is the real thing. 


This fantastic experience was magical, special and truly unforgettable. My boys would not stop talking about it all the home and couldn't wait to tell the grandparents about this.  This is an amazing experience for all the family and worth every penny. I will definitely being taken my children again next year.

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