How you can influence council’s policy and help make local homes healthier
6th July 2011
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We all want to make sure our homes are a safer and better environment for all of our family - and now you can make a difference on how telling the authority how they can help residents by filling in a survey. 


Chelmsford Borough Council is approaching resident, businesses and health workers on how the authority can help residents to make their homes a safer and better environment to live in, whilst also strengthen the local housing market.


For many, the home is seen as a place of comfort and security, however if your home is not maintained properly it can put your health at risk. Across the UK, almost 5,500 people died from heart attacks and strokes caused by cold indoor temperatures during the winter of 2009/10. In Chelmsford, research by CPC Ltd in 2007/08 has shown that cold conditions and trips/falls on the stairs are the biggest threats to the health of residents in their own homes.


Participants in the survey will be given the opportunity to influence the development of the Council's new Housing for Health Policy through their suggestions and feedback. Visit the Council's website at to view the draft Housing for Health Policy and offer suggestions and feedback on what the Council can do to assist residents to ensure their home is a safe and comfortable environment.


Chelmsford Borough Council's Cabinet Member for Housing, Councillor Duncan Lumley said: "This is your chance to influence policy making and help provide better living conditions for local residents in Chelmsford. We value your contribution and welcome your feedback."


In many cases, the responsibility for maintaining and improving the condition of each home rests with the owner, however in some cases, Councils may be able to provide advice and support, signposting further assistance and even taking legal action to help owners to improve dangerous homes and protect local people.


The consultation runs until 2nd September so if you have something to say, get involved. The final Housing for Health policy will be produced in the autumn following the closure of the consultation.


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