How to solve the problem of noisy birds in the morning.
14th July 2014
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For some reason in the past few weeks some Rooks or crows not sure which, have decided you use my bedroom roof to have a chat to each other, at around 5am! Believe me they are pretty loud. 

To solve the problem I was going out in the garden and clapping and shouting at them. They would fly off and come back once I went in. This happened virtualy every morning and began to be pretty annoying.

I hope that I've managed to get around this although it's still early days. I bought myself a large plasic Owl that has a pretty ferocious face, upright ears and yellow claws. He's hollow and I've placed him on a pole in the garden near the bedroom. Since putting him there its been peaceful, bliss. If it continues I'll leave him there for a while and then take him down as I don't want to scare every bit of wild life away from my garden. I think he's also ok for dealing with rodents. All in all he's a bit of a hoot!

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