Halloween at Marsh Farm
30th October 2014
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I took my children to Marsh Farm for their Halloween Event on Wednesday which was brilliant.  Considering the weather was awful we all had a wonderful time.

We went to see a magic show with Jimbo and Bam Bam which had the children thoroughly entertained and they had the parents laughing out loud too.  

After this my children decided that they would like to carve their own pumpkins (this was their first time) which was very funny and a bit messy!  They loved scooping out all the insides and drawing faces on the pumpkins which we then had to try and cut out.  They are very proud of the end result.  

We decided that is was then time for a bit of lunch so we took them to the inside play centre.  They only sat for 5 mins before they were off again to enjoy themselves.  At least we got a chance for a cup of tea and a sit down!  

The children then wanted to go on the tractor ride which they love as it is very bouncy.  They then went on the toy tractors for a about 30 minutes, the rain did not bother them in the slightest!

The boys then wanted to put their bets on the goat race which was very funny indeed.  We all bet on different goats and shouted at the top of our lungs for our one to win.  My eldest son was delighted as he was at the finishing line when his goat won.  

Then we went around and said hello to a few of the animals before going to do another activity.  The boys made Dracula masks which was lots of fun, loads of glue, feathers, glitter (you name it, it was there).  

After this we decided to meet up with the Wizard and help him on his quest to make the Witch invisble.  The children had to find 3 ingredients to put into the cauldron which we then took to Winnie the Witch at her spooky house.  After a few jokes for the adults to enjoy they did the magic spell which was fascinating for the children to watch and then they all got a bag of sweets as a reward (these did even last 1 min before they were devoured!).  

After a truly fun filled packed day it was then home time. We went and picked up our pumpkins and had a quick browse in the shop and picked up the boys some Halloween goblets which they love.

Dont miss out this Halloween.  I would definately reccomend taking the children to Marsh Farm for a truly fantastic spooky time.


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