Gunpowder Treason and Plot
4th October 2013
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Yes folks it's nearly that time again November 5th. We've had a chat with Guy and he strongly suggests being very careful, after all he should know !

Guy says :

  • Never give a sparkler to an under 5, they are pretty but really hot.
  • Keep well back from the action.
  • Make sure your pets are ok if need be seek vets advice.
  • Keep the firework box closed or as Guy says, " Keep a lid on it ! "
  • Only buy proper fireworks they are marked BS 7114.
  • Always light up at arms length use a spill or taper.
  • Unlike the flat pack chair you bought always read the instructions on the firework and the box.
  • Keep an eye and hand on the kids.
  • Don't put fireworks in your pocket. Ouch !
  • Don't chuck fireworks around.
  • Don't go near a firework that's been lit, if it hasn't gone off, it may !
  • Don't drink until the last Whoosh ! Sorry.

Have a memorable night for all the right reasons, keep safe. 

P.S. If you smoke remember the difference between a fag and a banger if you don't you'll need a really good dentist !




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