Fermented foods for gut health
10th February 2014
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After reading “Wild Fermentation” and of course the Food bible that is “Nourishing Traditions” i couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to ferment my own food. It is the oldest and natural forms of food preservation which actually increases the nutrient content. Sauerkreut, sour dough bread, honey beer, elderflower presse’ are just a few of the many examples. So this week i have purchased several kg’ of cabbage and carrots a fermenting bucket and making brine for it to ferment in. The process takes about 4 weeks then we should have some delicious and nutritious sauerkreut to accompany our meals which provides a a fantastic amount of good bacteria for the gut… improving gut health. If you are having problems with your gut health it is possible to have a test performed to establish what your levels of good and bad bacteria are, immune system response (Sig-A) and the likely hood of leaky gut syndrome, which in turn leads to many types of common health problems

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