Essex youngsters are fighting against the stigma that surrounds mental health
23rd April 2011
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Essex school pupils are challenging the stigma around mental illness.


Teenagers from Chelmer Valley High School and Alec Hunter from Humanities College, in Braintree, have published a magazine aimed at fighting the stigma of mental illness .


The project, entitled Psst! Pass it On, is funded by Open Up and has challenged the students' existing knowledge and perception of mental health conditions, giving them the opportunity to gain an understanding of mental illness and pass their message on to other children.


Students involved in the project were able to meet people with first hand experience of mental health issues, such as Big Brother's Nikki Grahame, who spoke to them about her battle with eating disorder anerexia.


10,000 copies of the magazine have been distributed to schools throughout Essex, getting the message across to other local children.


The magazine will be officially launched at an awards ceremony on 3rd May for all students involved in the project. 

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