Driving at Work, Occupational Road Risks. Is your business at risk?
18th March 2010
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Their accident – your responsibility whilst driving at work.

We are here to help you manage your Occupational Road Risk whilst your employees are driving at work.

Imagine if one of your employees had a serious accident, even a fatal one, driving in their own car whilst on the way to the post office to drop off a late parcel. In the past your condolences would have gone out to them and their family. Today, sympathy isn’t enough. That accident could result in your business facing unlimited fines and possible jail sentences for Directors and Line Managers.

Here are some of the questions the Police will be asking you

  • Was the vehicle insured for business use?
  • Was it maintained to the manufacturer’s service schedule?
  • How many hours had the driver been working that day?
  • Were they on the safest route they could have taken?
  • Were they taking any medication that could effect their driving?

These are just the tip of the iceberg

If you can’t answer these, and many other questions, supported with written evidence you and your company could face prosecution and you could go to jail.

ROSPA’s view is “Considering the human, legal and economic implications…. it is clear that managing Occupational Road Risk may be the greatest Health and Safety issue you (as an employer) face”

Penalties – The full force of a police investigation and an HSE prosecution can have a devastating effect on both businesses and individuals within the business. Substantial fines, loss of reputation, and imprisonment are all likely consequences

Doing nothing is not an option – protect your business, your employees and your liberty

To assist us in meeting our objectives in making sure our clients run a safe, legal and compliant fleet we offer an extensive fleet management package in the form of FleetCheck. The system enables a company not only to manage their vehicle fleet, but also their drivers, any plant or machinery and even electrical items that require PAT testing. The FleetCheck system has been praised by a number of influential companies who see this software as a vital tool for the running of a vehicle fleet. There are numerous fleet management packages available on the market, we researched the market extensively to find a system that could not only produce a vital audit trail, but one that could also cope with growing legislation, was flexible and a system that we felt confident clients could easily understand and was cost effective.

n order to set up a demonstration, please click on the link below. If you would like to discuss any aspect of the system then, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Free Demonstration: www.pendle.fleetcheck.co.uk

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