Christmas Lights a la Griswold !
21st November 2013
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Every year I seem to add more lights to my collection, flickerers, flashers, dim then bright, on off and lots of other combo's. Not tasteful or stylish but come on its only once a year. I haven't really thought about any risk, the plethora of plugs was just part of the deal.

Earlier this year I got to know a local electrician and I started to think about safety and electricity. I don't think I'd given it much thought before, just flicked the switch and there it was. It was a game how many plugs could I get to run off one outlet.

I learned that electrical circuits can only take so much, bit like people. It's possible for the sheer weight of wires to pull the plugs away from the socket, or plug hole if you prefer. It then becomes a possible fire hazard.

It's also worth checking the box the lights came in for further info on safety. If like me you've thrown the box away years ago or just don't understand the technical stuff seek advice or just don't overload. Nearly forgot the Christmas Tree, that can be a problem if you put several sets of lights on it, the last thing you need is a forest fire!

Keep safe!

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