Chelmsfords Xmas Survival Guide
12th December 2013
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1. When consuming alcohol try to have it with food - it slows down the release of the alcohol into the blood stream. The best foods are dark meats like lamb or steak with fatty cream or cheese sauces - avoid starchy carbs and minimize vegetables. This is especially important if you are a Protein Metabolic Type

2. The choice of alcohol can make a serious difference, choose polish vodka (from potatoes) tequila, or champagne. Biodynamic or organic wine is also a good choice.

3. Try to drink some water during the evening, but most importantly before you go to bed if you can remember... 'The Solution to Pollution is Dilution'

4. Activated charcoal capsules can be very effective at removing toxins - you can take them before during and after your evening.

5. Take a good quality Vitamin C with bioflavinoids

6. Milk Thistle will support the liver in its efforts to detoxify the body By following at least a few of these suggestions in this survival guide it will allow the body to cope with and detoxify the alcohol from your system far better, causing less stress... Enjoy!

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