Chelmsford Mencap and Reef TV
1st October 2008
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I was speaking to Sam Barnett who is the CEO of Chelmsford based charity Chelmsford MenCap yesterday and she mentioned that she was in touch with Reef TV who make the TV show Trash to Cash.

Sam says that Reef TV are making a new series of the BBC1 show "Trash to Cash" that involves people raising money for charities and good causes (such as Chelmsford Mencap) across the UK. I thought I would blog the info below in case any friends or supporters of Chelmsford Mencap might be interested in being involved or indeed if they know anyone else (friends, family, neighbours!!) who might be up for it - it's a great fundraising opportunity.

The show will help people recycle, refurbish and repair the clutter in their homes in order to raise money for themselves and a good cause of their choice. Half of the money they raise will be for a personal project the other half will be donated to charity.

Reef TV will help them sell anything and everything that they no longer need. A team of experts will help people to make money by selling their items through newspaper ads, local dealers, scrap merchants, salvage yards, auctions and a Garage Sale.

If you know someone whose home is crammed with clutter and would be happy to donate half of the money they raise by selling it to charity, Sam would be extremely grateful if you could call Katie Hobbs of Reef TV as soon as possible, so that Katie can have a more detailed chat with them about the show. Katies number is 0207 836 8595. Reef will be filming the series throughout November and December 2008 and need to find people as soon as possible - Katie is keen to try and have a chat with people who might be up for it, as quickly as she can.

Chelmsford - this is a great chance to get involved and I hope Sam can find someone and generate some cash for Chelmsford Mencap.

Spread the word, there must be lots of people out there with lots of stuff!

Good Luck Sam.

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