Chelmsford election results follow the national trend
6th May 2011
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Chelmsford council election results are in line with the national trend.


The big losers on election night were Chelmsford's Liberal Democrats who lost 11 of their 26 seats, ending up with just 15, whilst the Conservatives were the clear winners, increasing their seats from 31 to 40.


Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Mike Mackrory and Liberal Democrat Deputy Mayo,r Robin Stevens were both casualties of the night, losing their seats in Springfield North and The Lawns.


Mike Mackrory said of the results; "It is a big disappointment as we worked so hard. We campaigned on our record and were well received on the doorstep... There was a national swing against us and we were not able to buck that trend."


Leader of the Conservatives, Roy Whitehead said; "There has been a national trend of the Liberal Democrat vote going back to Labour but I am hopeful that the positive things that we have achieved over the past eight years had some bearing on the result."


Chelmsford council now consists of 40 Conservatives, 15 Liberal Democrats, 1 Independent and 1 Labour and Co-operative.

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