Caring as a Career
16th March 2015
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Caring as a Career

Everyone is getting older and there comes a point when we are most likely going to need more help as we experience a decline in health and mobility.  With an ageing population there will be a higher demand for care givers to help people remain independent in their homes.

As we are living longer and having children later, people often find that as soon as their children leave home it is time to care for their parents or to find care for them.   Caring for a family member may not have been part of the plan but for many although it can at times be frustrating, draining and emotional it can also be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.  Many find that they wish to find a more fulfilling career where they are giving back to society and care giving is where you can make an amazing difference to the lives of others.

Becoming A Care Giver

There are many different types of care work available and it is not just personal care.  Companionship, conversation, accompanying someone to appointments or social events, food preparation, light housekeeping, collecting shopping and reading are all forms of care.   If you prefer a job where you are not confined to a desk and love to meet people it could be for you.   When you become a care giver you also become a friend, a confident and an enabler and you will build trusting and positive relationships with the client and their circle of friends and family. 

Who Makes a Good Care Giver

If you have cared for someone such as a family member and are no longer needed you may wish to continue with this as a career and make a difference to elderly people needing assistance.  Your personal experience of caring and maybe losing a loved one will enable you to empathise with others going through a similar situation.

It is not essential to have work experience to become a care giver as training can be given.  There are no age boundaries on the ability of care givers.  Younger care workers can bring fun and energy whilst still having a sense of maturity and compassion. Mature care workers do however bring life experience and older people need to know that they are being understood and that others are aware of the frustrations they face.  Mature care givers may also have more in common with the person they are looking after.

In summary an excellent care giver is someone who is personable, compassionate, understanding and able to provide a highly professional and reliable service.

Find a Good Company to Work For

If you are looking for a career as a care giver it is important to find a company with a good ethos on care, with similar values to you, who will invest in training and supporting you, who offer more than a minimum wage, who will not compromise on safety and health and ensure you have a good work life balance.


The job satisfaction of giving a vulnerable person back a life is worthy of consideration.   If you are interested in finding out more about a career in care in the Chelmsford, Maldon, Danbury or Witham areas please email

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