Business Scam - a warning!
25th February 2009
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Candice Robinson the Assistant Town Centre Marketing Manager at Chelmsford Borough Council has asked that business owners take time to read the following message regarding a current business scam which some businesses in Essex have already fallen victim to.

One or two smartly dressed South European men are entering small shops in Colchester stating that they have just spoken to the owner or manager whom they are able to name (they have obviously done some research before targeting a business) and that the owner / manager has given permission for the shop staff to give them £20 towards a car repair. The men then return again asking for another £20 as the repair is more than they expected. Unfortunately, several staff have handed over the money.

The men could also be observing how the tills are opened as the scam may also be tied to several attempted snatches from tills.

Kind regards

Peter Carrington, Community Safety Co-ordinator
Colchester Borough Council
Community Safety Team
c/o Colchester Police Station

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