Brad Pitts Singing Waitress now Stripping at The Cave!!
25th November 2009
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                        Brad Pitts Singing Waitress now Stripping at The Cave!!



Victoria Hart, the American-born teenager hired to sing for George Clooney and Brad Pitt for the Oceans 13 party in Cannes in 2007, Victoria is now working in Chelmsford’s very own THE CAVE!!!

Two years ago she served drinks and sang for £6 an hour at The Naked Turtle in South London, she was then Discovered by a Customer who asked her to perform for Ocean 13 Yacht party which included stars such as Matt Dillon, George Clooney and Brad Pitt!

The exposure led to offers from record labels, a tour and a string of television appearances. She become famous for her 1940s jazz style.

 But after two unsuccessful albums and being dropped by Legendary Label Decca she is now stripping under the name Bella at The Cave  Chelmsford and charges £20 for a nude lap dance!  

Hart’s manager, Geoff Gurd, said: “You never know, this could be a good career move. I wasn’t aware of this, I only just found out myself and I’m still reeling.”

Hart, of Aldgate, East London, who started singing professionally when she was 16, said she has signed a new record deal and hopes to begin recording in Los Angeles next year.









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