An Otter Summer
17th July 2008
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Grant Maton of Essex Wildlife Trust tells me that they have just launched an Appeal to run throughout the Summer 2008. The appeal is called an Otter Summer. Appeal letters have gone out to the 25,000 individual member's of the trust and to 490 Corporate Members.
To allow Otter populations to broaden, riverside habitats in Essex need to be improved. Reed beds should be encouraged as they provide cover and resting sites for Otters, and the restoration of degraded waterside habitat is needed. However, while much has been done to re-establish Otters here in Essex, there is still a great deal more that can be done with your help.
Information about the appeal and ways in which people can donate can be found on the appeal's dedicated website:
Please have a look at the site and pass the link onto your contacts if you feel they would also be interested.
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