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Why it's so important to buy local as much as you can.
Buying Antique Furniture
Buying Antique Furniture
The home of real antiques not reproductions at Rettendon.
When it come to hotels in Chelmsford City there are many to choose from but real quality speaks for itself.
In a survey of peoples’ greatest fears, death came in third, following walking into a room full of strangers and speaking in public. How crazy is that!!!
When it comes to increasing followers on Twitter, there is a big debate in the social media space about quality versus quantity. But it is a near universal goal for businesses to increase their fan and follower count on social media. So, how can you balance the need to increase followers while making sure you’re connecting with real, authentic, and targeted consumers? Try these 15 tips for increasing your number of quality followers.
As normal in the Employment world, the month of April is the time for employers to check or amend their Policies and Procedures in relation to the imminent changes in Employment Legislation.
From 5th April 2014 - Its out with the old and in with the NEW!
However, appraisals are a positive and essential way to ensure that you, as the employer, have an in depth, one-to-one conversation with each employee at least once a year. This conversation is a constructive dialogue where the employee and line manager can discuss and evaluate their work and discuss any future ideas, work roles and development needs. When appraisals are properly managed they are a great way to motivate your staff and improve the quality of their work. Therefore, it is essential to take the time to plan your appraisals thoroughly.
Identify Your Strengths
Identify Your Strengths
How to identify your strengths: To get a job or a promotion, you need to know your strengths
Staff Training
Staff Training
The benefits of training your staff and will give you two examples of cost effective and workable training courses, offered by High Speed Training and Impellus.
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