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Pixelwave Creative is a professional, full service video production company who produce creative and engaging content for businesses of all nature. Whether you're in the events industry, educational sector or corporate environment, this local company can create video that's innovative, informative and delivers a message direct to the audience for which it was intended.

Pixelwave Creative is a full service video production company that offer high quality, affordable video to businesses, charities, and event companies nationwide.


Bringing your message or story to life can be difficult, and finding the correct creative channel to make that happen can often be a minefield.

Pixelwave Creative can produce video content to do exactly that; content that's engaging and communicates the message you intended, to the audience for which it was created.

The team at Pixelwave Creative, led by JP Woffenden are experts with years of experience under their belts. They consist of designers, writers, animators, camera operators, editors, actors and voice over artists, to ensure that every production is exactly as you intended with a message that's clear in it's delivery. 


From what can often be a simple idea, the team will produce exciting and innovative content to captivate an audience no matter who and where they may be.

Starting with a consultation, JP will spend time listening to your ideas and then, using his expertise, will develop and build a visual product using clear strategies that achieve excellent results. Your vision will become the company's creation taking into consideration your budget and requirements. 


Using video in your marketing can enhance your brand identity and boost your SEO. 

A visual aid such as video creates interest and adds a new dimension to your business, whilst enhancing the message you wish to deliver. Delivered in the correct way, it can be incredibly beneficial and bring many benefits including generating new business for your company.

Video isn't just for product enhancement, but a learning aid also. It's perfect for sharing educational content, for delivering training programmes and to enhance campaigns of any nature. 



Pixelwave Creative offer video that will help deliver strong messages to any conference or event.

From a seminar or a prestigious product launch to a corporate conference, Pixelwave Creative can help you deliver a memorable event. Should you require, live footage can also be captured for further events or marketing campaigns, capturing your audience and allowing to further enhance your brand. 


No matter what your business sector or brand, Pixelwave Creative can help you deliver your vision through professional, high quality engaging video. Previous clients have included business of all sizes and nature from local authority, the National Health Service , training providers and corporate event companies.

As a company, Pixelwave Creative have built a commendable reputation, not just for the quality of the service and products that they deliver, but also through their personable and friendly approach to the businesses they work with.

If you would like to find out more about Pixelwave Creative and how they can help your business or organisation get noticed contact JP Woffenden on 07967 665374.

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